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Mariani Dogma

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PRODUCER: Mariani Skates
For this boot we have decided to use a heat moldable shell around the ankle, in order to give the skater a better stability and comfort, even at high speed. Both the shell and the upper shoe are 100% Made in Italy. MARIANI DOGMA is also thermoformable and available in 3 different percentage of carbon: 20%, 50% and 80%, which means that best adapts to the needs of every skater in terms of rigidity. The wide choice of colors can also fit with the anyone’s flavors. If you are looking for an exceptional inline speed skate boot, the MARIANI DOGMA is what you need.

Sizes from 36 to 47 (226 - 302 mm)

195 mm

45° Buckle/laces

heat moldable shell

Upper shoe in microfiber

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